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"Hello. My name is Martin. I'm your host and recording engineer here at StarStruck Productions. I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about what we here at StarStruck consider to be a new an innovative approach to creating music, fulfilling a dream and possibly realizing that dream in a big way.

I have been a song writer and producer of music for many years. It has always proven to be a difficult task to get music recorded professionally and affordably. And then, what do you do with your finished product? A lot of us dream of stardom, fame and fortune, but so many of you out there just love to sing, without aspiring to commercial success. Simply wishing you might find a venue to record your favorite song at a price you can afford. To send as a gift to your friends or family members. To give to your girl friend or finance. Perhaps as a present to Grandma or Grandpa so they'll always have something tangible to remind them of you. After all, we are all stars in the eyes of our loved ones. We are not all great vocalists, but most of us do love to sing,

With that in mind, I decided a few years ago to create an opportunity for the shower singer. A chance to choose from thousands of songs, many of which are your favorites, and walk into a recording studio where everything is ready and waiting for you to create your own CD. Within two hours you'll walk out of this fully automated studio with a professionally produced CD. With you singing, with your picture on the album cover, and your name up in lights. Sound good? We think so! So let's go and Nashville, here YOU come!!"